Music and Content Removed Due to Licensing Restrictions

Hi Triller Creators,

An issue is occurring on the Triller platform and we want to let all of our affected creators know. Read on for details.

Who's Affected

This is a network-wide event potentially affecting a small number of users.

What's Happening

A change in the licensing status for some tracks has resulted in access to them being removed from the platform. Videos made with these tracks will not be accessible until the license for these tracks is restored. Affected content will not be deleted at this time. We hope this circumstance is only temporary.

What Triller Is Doing About It

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive music library possible to give our creators the most creative freedom possible at no cost to you. For creators who have had content taken down, we’re sorry for this inconvenience. We know how much time and care many of you have put into making your videos, so it’s a priority for all of us at Triller to see your content restored.

What Creators Can Do

If you see that any of your videos have been removed from your profile, don't worry. Affected content has only been hidden at this time, and not deleted. Unfortunately, it's not currently possible for our support team to know which videos have been taken down due to this licensing restriction. It also won't be possible to provide downloads of your videos on request.

We know this is frustrating, and we're doing all we can to resolve it for you — the creators, and your followers.

We appreciate your patience while we work on this situation. Watch this space for further updates.

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