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Triller Premium Content Terms


Last Updated: February 17, 2022


These Premium Content Terms are Additional Terms subject to Triller, Inc. (“Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”) Terms of Service, and govern any User-Generated Content certain users make available to other users in exchange for payment through the Platform (collectively “Premium Content”). Payments related to Premium Content is subject to the Purchase and Subscription Terms. Other Additional Terms may apply. Terms not defined in these Term have the meaning of such terms as defined in the Terms of Service.


Notwithstanding prohibitions on commercial use of the Platform as described in these Terms, Company grants users the limited license to use Premium Content for commercial use restricted to what is permissible in these Premium Content Terms. Premium Content will only be made available to users via the Platform who have created Premium Content or have purchased access to such Premium Content. 


Users that make Premium Content available will be provided the amount paid by each user for access to such Premium Content, subject to Company’s right, at its discretion, to retain, for itself, the partial or full payment made by users. Company reserves the right to verify your identity in order to send any payments to you. Company reserves the right to put any payments on hold or refuse payment at Company’s discretion, including where you violate any applicable terms. 


In the event that you receive payments in relation to Premium Content, you are responsible for any sales, use, value-added or other governmental taxes, fees or duties due. 


You must set a reasonable fee for your Premium Content that is appropriate in light of the features or content made available in connection with your Premium Content. Users who create and make available Premium Content must provide a description of the Premium Content being offered, the time and day when such Premium Content will be made available, the cost of such Premium Content, how long the Premium Content will be made available, and any other promised aspects of such Premium Content.  Users who create and make available Premium Content to the Platform will be solely responsible for providing such Premium Content in accordance with the Premium Content description and for resolving any disputes with other users regarding the performance or the quality of such Premium Content. Premium Content must not contain or relate to any statements that are misrepresentative of such Premium Content. 


Users who create Premium Content may, in relation to their Premium Content, post commercial advertisements, affiliate links, and other forms of solicitation directly through their Premium Content, subject to any restrictions described in these Terms. Users shall not commercialize or conduct solicitations for their Premium Content outside of their Premium Content. 


If you allow promoters to promote your Premium Content you (i) will be responsible for your and the promoter’s compliance with applicable laws, including endorsement laws and regulations, such as the Federal Trade Commission’s endorsement guidelines; (ii) hereby represent that you have all appropriate permissions or ownership to grant such promoters the applicable rights to promote your Premium Content; (iii) hereby represent and warrant that you have entered into a written agreement with such promoters that references and incorporates the Terms of Service, including its provisions restricting the use of intellectual property owned by Company or others, and binds such promoters to the Terms of Service; and (iv) will be responsible for the promoters’ use of promotion on external-party services, which may have separate terms or policies.


Users who promote or advertise through their Premium Content, and users and promoters who promote Premium Content outside of the Platform must provide clear and conspicuous notice about the nature of any business relationship (e.g., that you are receiving compensation in exchange for promoting).


If you make available Premium Content, you may receive data about the users that interact with your Premium Content, such as engagement metrics and profile information (“Premium Content Data”). You must not (i) use, disclose, store, or otherwise process the Premium Content Data outside of the Platform, including by not selling Premium Content Data to any third party, (ii) use the Premium Content Data for any purpose other than for the specific purpose of analyzing the performance of your Premium Content and informing how you provide new Premium Content via the Platform pursuant to these Terms, including by not using the Premium Content Data for any other commercial purpose such as direct marketing to users via direct messaging or otherwise, (iii) use the Premium Content Data outside of the direct business relationship between you and Company under these Terms. You certify that you understand and will comply with the restrictions in this paragraph.




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