How do I log in if I forgot my password?

This article discusses how to reset your password on iOS devices running Triller v38 and below, as well as all Android versions. For iOS users running v39 or higher, please see this article.

Have you forgotten your password? Just follow these steps to reset it and log back into your account.

  1. Open the Triller app and navigate to the profile screen by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap "Sign up / log in".
  3. Tap "Login with your email".
  4. Tap "Forgot Password?".
  5. Enter the email address assigned to your Triller account. We'll send you a reset password email.
  6. Go to your email inbox, open the password reset email, and tap the reset password link. You'll be taken to our Reset Password page in your default web browser. Make sure to open the reset password link as soon as you receive it; reset password emails expire within 30 minutes.
  7. Enter your new password. Make sure to save this in a safe place.

If you don't have an email address assigned to your username, you can Submit a request and our support team will be happy to assist.

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