Download My Trill

Triller users often ask, "How do I download my videos?"

It's easier than you think.

First, upload your completed Trill.

You have to upload to download!

Once you've finished editing your Trill, you should upload it to Triller. As we mentioned in this article, your drafts in your Projects are stored on your device. Posted videos become Trills that live on the platform. Then you can download it.

Download and Share

Great! You posted your Trill. Now it's time to download.

Go to your Profile and select the Trill you want to download.

You'll see the Share icon on the right side of your screen (the arrow). Tap it and your device will open all of your sharing options, including Save Video. It'll go straight into your device's gallery.

Now you have a complete version of your Trill, watermarked with a genuine Triller logo, ready to share on any platform or in any other media you want. You do you.

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