How to Use StreamLabs with TrillerTV

When it comes to streaming, a lot of gamers like to use StreamLabs. This is similar to OBS, which we've written about here.We've had some questions from gamers who want to know how to use StreamLabs with TrillerTV. Here are a few tips from the TrillerTV team.

  1. In StreamLabs, set the Keyframe Interval to 2 (this is very important). 
  2. Next, set a reasonable bitrate (4 Mbps should be more than enough).streamlabs_keyframe_bitrate.png
  3. Next, set both the Base and Output resolution to 1920x1080 and 30 fps.streamlabs_resolutions.png
  4. Copy the values that Triller Web gives you for Server URL and Stream Key into StreamLabs (they'll be unique each time you go live) and you'll be online in seconds!triller_web_settings.pngstreamlabs_settings.png
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