Tipping and Gifting

Show your favorite Celebrities some love!

TrillerTV makes it easy to go the extra mile for content you love. Show your favorite Artists, Athletes,and Musicians that you want more with Tipping and Gifting.


Tipping is a quick way to interact with Celebrities to let them know you love what they're doing.

1. During a Live Show, tap the gold coin at the bottom of the screen to "quick tip" 2 Coins from your Coin balance.

2. Tap it as many times as you want to keep Tipping. The more you Tip, the more you could be recognized as a great fan!



Gifting is similar to Tipping, only bigger. Choose from different Gift amounts from 10 Coins all the way up to 500, or max out using the Triller Tips feature. Here's how:

1. Swipe right on the Live Show to enter the Live Chat.

2. Tap the blue gift box icon on the left side of the chat box to open the Gift Shop.

3. Tap the icon with the amount of Coins you want to Gift - 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 250, or 500.IMG_6570.jpg

4. If you want to mega, tap the Triller Tips icon. This opens a menu where you can tip even higher - up to 5,000!


Topping Up Your Coins Balance

Top up your Coins balance by purchasing Coins through your device's store.

1. To start, tap any of the Tipping or Gifting features. If your Coin balance is zero, you'll see a dialog pop up giving you the option to Buy Coins. You can also see your Coin balance here.


2. Select an amount you want to purchase, ranging from 100 Coins up to 10,000 Coins, by tapping the pink button showing the price for that amount.


3. You'll be prompted to confirm your purchase. Complete the purchase the way you would normally purchase any app in your device's store.


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