TrillerTV Broadcasting Tips

Interact with your viewers

When you’re broadcasting, be sure to keep an eye on chat. Responding to chat messages is a great way to engage viewers. Be friendly, answer their questions, and ask them questions, too. Talk with them just like you would talk to someone in person.

Have a stable internet connection

While you don't need a blazing-fast internet connection to broadcast on Triller, a reliable, stable connection is recommended. If you’ve been having connection issues lately, consider waiting to stream until the issue is resolved.

Test your camera and microphone before going live

You’ve put in the hard work building the hype. The last thing you want is for a janky camera or mic to kill your momentum. So, please be sure to test your setup before going live. Viewers should be able to see and hear you clearly.

Video Quality and Lighting

We recommend (but don’t require) a webcam or camera capable of broadcasting at least 720p for the clearest video signal.

We also recommend that you start your broadcast from a well-lit area or use additional lighting sources for the best camera performance.

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