The username that I use on another platform is taken on Triller. Can I have it?

Hey, we get it—the name you use is important to you! Whether it’s a brand name, a nickname, or our own given names, it’s about identity and that matters.

Thing is, it’s a “first come, first served” thing. Occasionally, this means that creators who enjoy using those usernames on other platforms may not be able to secure them on the Triller platform.

So, what should you do? You could look at it as a creative opportunity. You could generate a username that’s still specific to you or your brand by adding words that clarify who you are, or adding symbols like underscores and numbers. Being creative with username creation can be a powerful way to shape your identity on platforms like Triller where many users have similar names and interests.

You could also try reaching out to the user who has the name you want. Politely ask them if the two of you can agree to a friendly exchange.

Generally speaking, there are only 2 ways to take over a username from an account that belongs to another user.

  1. Impersonation. If a person is impersonating you, you could have grounds to have the username taken down. If you believe this is the case, Submit a request including evidence of impersonation and our support team will assist you. For more on impersonation, see our Community Guidelines.
  2. Trademark or infringement. If you own a registered trademark, you could have grounds for a given username to be transferred to you. Please Submit a request including documentation showing ownership or licence to use the registered trademark in question, and our support team will initiate a formal investigation.


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