Why can’t I confirm my account?

Having a problem confirming your account? Here are some of the issues that might be causing it:

  1. If you’re confirming by email, your email address might be considered one of these restricted types:
    1. “Catch all”–email addresses that have deliberately misspelled variants in order to try and “catch all” of the emails that are sent to an inbox on a specific domain (like chris@notarealemail.com and chrs@notarealemail.com←-catch all)
    2. Disposable–these are email addresses that are recognized as temporary.
    3. Invalid–these types have an unusual format that makes them suspicious.
    4. Unknown–there’s a problem with the email address, but we can’t tell what it is on our end—we just know our stuff is working!
  2. If your mailbox is full, our emails won’t reach you.
  3. Did you open the link in time? Every link we email to you is only valid for a brief period of time, so you’ll want to click it before it expires.
  4. You might have created an account by connecting to Triller through another app. If you deleted the connected app before confirming your account, you won’t be able to confirm your Triller account.
  5. It's not possible the confirm your account on web only. You must have the Triller app downloaded to confirm your account. The confirmation pathway requires the app to be installed on the device where you're confirming your account.
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