Community Guidelines

Triller is a platform for you. Together we all keep Triller a place where creativity and originality live. We do that—you do you.


Our dream is to make Triller a place where you can push the boundaries—find the edge—without putting yourself or other members of the community at risk. Our Community Guidelines help everyone on the platform understand how to keep it real and keep it clean.

We’ll tell you what’s cool and what’s not cool to do and show on the platform. Just remember that these guidelines can’t include everything we moderate—it’s not exhaustive. The community needs you to be smart and sensitive about the content you post. The more respect you show the community, the more respect you get.

Violating the spirit of any of our Community Guidelines could lead to content removal, account suspension, or ban. We reserve the right to monitor and report content to authorities.


Triller is NOT a place for the following:

Mature/Graphic Content

We encourage self expression in many forms while protecting the ability for users of many ages to participate on the platform. The Community doesn’t tolerate the following:

  • Nudity, sexually explicit posts, sexually suggestive acts, unintentionally provocative content, shares or messages
  • Encouraging nudity or explicit acts in ANY capacity
  • Depictions of gore, death, horrifically violent acts, or self-harm

What can happen:

  • Inappropriate comments, messages, or content may be removed.
  • Accounts may be banned immediately.
  • Any content we find inappropriate will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Serious violations may be reported to the relevant authorities.

Illegal Activities

Triller is a platform for creativity and self expression. Our Community is not a place for users who intend to use the platform to get around laws or endanger themselves or others. Our Community:

  • Must abide by all local, national, and international laws while using Triller
  • Must not share or create content, posts or shares that feature, encourage, offer, or solicit illegal activity

What can happen:

  • Any known illegal activity may be reported to the relevant authorities.
  • Accounts in violation of these Guidelines may be suspended or banned.

Exploiting Minors

Triller is a place where people of many ages participate and collaborate, including users as young as 13 years old. We take the safety and security of young people extremely seriously and have taken a zero-tolerance position against anything that could be seen as exploitative or endangering toward minors, even if it’s unintentional. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Sexually explicit content featuring minors or content that exploits minors
  • Content suggesting or depicting online dating with minors, provocative content involving minors or any content that seemingly endangers a minor’s physical or mental health
  • Publicly or privately messaging minors

What can happen:

  • Accounts in violation will be banned.
  • Suspected instances of exploitation will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Bullying, Harassment or Threats

The Triller Community is a haven for creativity and authenticity that should highlight the best in each of us. The Community will not tolerate abuse directed at people within or outside of it—Period. We will not tolerate:

  • Threats of any kind
  • Harassment of any kind
  • Bullying
  • Posts, shares or messages deliberately degrading or humiliating other people

What can happen:

  • Posts, shares, or messages in violation will be removed.
  • Threats of any kind will be handled according to their severity.
  • Extreme instances will be escalated to the relevant authorities.

Hate Speech

Triller supports a Community that is extremely diverse. This is a feature and a benefit to be celebrated. Attempts to marginalize, other, or disenfranchise persons within or through our Community will be treated very seriously. We expressly prohibit:

  • Any content showcasing speech, gesture, writing or display of attacks on a person or group on the basis of the below:
    • Ethnicity/Race
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Gender
    • Religion

What can happen:

  • Posts, shares, or messages in violation will be immediately removed.
  • Extreme instances will be escalated to the proper authorities.


There’s nothing more personal than your identity. We’ll do whatever we can to protect our Community’s identities so we don’t tolerate impersonators. There’s even a fine line between being a fan and potentially impersonating someone, so when in doubt, be extra cautious about how you portray yourself on your Triller account. You could be considered an impersonator if you use:

  • Someone’s photo, name, trademark, or likeness
  • Someone’s content

What can happen:

  • Impersonating accounts may be taken down.


What is spam? Spam is simply a message sent to lots of people, without asking their permission, to drum up business or get attention. Our Community doesn’t allow this. Don’t do it. Spamming includes:

  • Posting content not related to the platform or its creative mission
  • Posting comments, content or discussion across multiple profiles
  • Excessive emoji/icon spam
  • Repetitive or non-constructive content

What could happen:

  • Spammy content will be removed.
  • Repeatedly spamming can lead to account suspension or ban.

Unauthorized Sharing of Private Information

Who owns your information? You do. We’re not down with doxxing, revenge posting, or exposing people’s private information. It’s dangerous and it goes against our mission to create and protect the Triller Community. So:

  • Do not post or share content that may reveal private personal information about individuals, or their private property, without permission.
  • This includes:
    • Sharing personally identifiable information (such as another person’s real name, location, photo or identification)
    • Posting or sharing any restricted or protected social profiles including information from those profiles
    • Sharing content that violates another’s reasonable expectation of privacy, for example streaming from a private space, without permission

What can happen:

  • Posts, shares, or messages that violate privacy may be taken down.
  • Accounts that do this are subject to suspension or ban.

Unauthorized Use of Intellectual Property

Being original means creating. It’s one thing to share someone’s creation. But pretending something is yours when it’s not isn’t just unoriginal—it’s stealing. That’s true even when you’re just showing something you like. So what’s prohibited?

  • Posting or sharing content with copyright, trademarks, patents or other intellectual property rights
  • Be aware of your employer’s internal policies and do not post or share any information that would violate those terms

What can happen:

  • Copyrighted content (anything that you didn’t create) can be taken down by request of the rightsholder, or if our content team is aware that it’s not yours.
  • Accounts that repeatedly post copyrighted material that doesn’t belong to the user may be suspended or banned.

Misleading Metadata

What is metadata? In the Triller Community, it’s any additional information on a video, like the title, description, tags, annotations, and thumbnail. All of this info should represent your content truthfully. Don’t try to “trick the algorithm”, or “game the system”, or fool people into viewing your content if it’s not what you say it is. It’s not original, and it’s not cool.

What could happen:

  • Content containing misleading metadata may be taken down at Triller’s discretion.
  • Accounts that repeatedly post content with misleading content are subject to suspension or ban.


If you have questions or concerns, please email


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